Chitwa Chitwa is uniquely African and is the latest gem of wilderness wonderland to fall under the incredible safariLIVE experience. Home to the breathtaking Chitwa luxury lodge, it overlooks the largest body of water in the Sabi Sand, filled to the brim with the Chitwa pod hippos, made up of all shapes and sizes, 115 egyptian geese and their fluffy little goslings as well as the apex predator of the deep, the Nile crocodile!

(A hippo tends to a calf, Image Credit: Claudia Pellarini, Chitwa Chitwa)

Chitwa Chitwa was founded by the Brink family well over 40 years ago and was transformed into a private luxury game lodge in 1991. The name of the property was taken from a royal gentle giant who used to frequent the Chitwa Chitwa dam next to the lodge. The aged giraffe was named chitwa chitwa after the noise his ancient creaky bones made as he glided gracefully across the landscape. Although he passed on many years ago his enduring spirit can be felt exuding peace across the wilderness.


Of course being nestled in the center of the Sabi Sand Wildtuin means that Chitwa is home to all of Africa’s most iconic animals. From the African lion, to the regal elephant, elusive leopards, cantankerous buffalo and of course the highly endangered rhino. But the big five are only a handful of the incredible animals that can be found making their way through the property. Most exciting of all is all the time WE will be able to spend with a few safariLIVE favourites, like the Styx pride and of course Thandi, daughter of Queen Karula and sister to Shadow.

(A leopard leaves a pan after a drink, Image Credit: Caludia Pellarini, Chitwa Chitwa)

WE are extremely excited to call Chitwa Chitwa part of our wilderness home here in South Africa and can’t wait to discover all manner of new and exciting animal characters.

(The Birmingham boys shortly after their territory takeover, Image Credit: Stefan du Toit, Chitwa Chitwa)