Norman Hunter sent in a photo of his safariLIVE Viewing Station – a cockpit of sorts, with everything an avid safarian needs to enjoy their favourite wildlife show. And WE have to say, it would make any of us jealous.

“Starting on the upper left is computer #1 logged into my Twitter account. For sending in questions.  Below that is my safariLIVE shirt. The proper attire for watching safariLIVE. Just to the left of the shirt is my safariLIVE mug. The only thing to use for some hot tea while watching. Above that is computer #2 with the safariLIVE live stream running on it. To the right of that is computer #3 with the live stream from the Djuma waterhole cam. There might be something on it that needs to be reported. Just below that is computer #4, a Chromebook that also has the safariLIVE live stream. It is for taking any necessary breaks. Like for snacks or the bathroom.”

Norman’s personal Final Control is born out of a love of wildlife and technology. The retiree has used his free time to not only volunteer at his local library, but also dedicate himself to watching and participating in the drives.

He found safariLIVE on YouTube by searching for wildlife and animal content, specifically eagles. He found a webcam that piqued his interest. “It was watching a bald eagle nest. From that I looked for other live cams and found you.”

His favourite sighting to date has to be the surprising instance of a chameleon in a Birmingham male lion’s mane. “I show the lion and chameleon to lots of people when I am out,” he says. Norman is certainly a great, and passionate, ambassador for the safariLIVE drives.

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