Thandi Resting. Screenshot Credit: Lily Brown safariLIVE, Djuma
Friday the 10th of February
Jamie spent her Friday afternoon with two special felines. We started off with Thandi lying comfortably in a tree and then travelled to Cheetah Plains, where little Vutomi was having a lot of fun by Buffalo pan. Vutomi surprised us all by diving face first into the water and catching himself a terrapin to eat. He slinked off into the tall grass to eat his prize in peace.
Saturday 11th of February

Unknown Male Cheetah. Screenshot Credit: Dave Holm safariLIVE, Djuma
During the sunset drive, the young princess Xongile concealed herself in the verdant thickets of grass surrounding twin dams. The was warm and the cat was interested in little other than spending the rest of the daylight hours napping out of site.
To the west however a newcomer made an appearance on the Arathusa airstrip. An unknown and young male cheetah was found reclining on an open clearing. He dozed periodically between checking over his shoulder for approaching threats. Eventually he sauntered elegantly over to a nearby pan for a long and refreshing drink. 
Sunday the 12th of February
Lady Xongile. Screenshot Credit: Lily Brown safariLIVE, Djuma
The morning began with our favourite spotted lady, young Xongile exploring her surrounding and playfully bounding through the bush after anything that moved. Later that afternoon Karula was found resting near a muddy pan. She called to her cubs and soon Hosana came bounding out of the bush for a snuggle with mom. The mother and son duo then got up and walked off into the wilderness.
To the south on Chitwa Chitwa, Thandi and her young unnamed cub had been found resting in a tall marula. Both cats were full to bursting and had clearly devoured whatever kill Thandi had made in the days prior. Thandi slept off her fat belly while her young male cub gazed about the wilderness in total boredom. Eventually as the sun set we left the pair to their evening business.
Monday the 13th Of February
Another royal welcome to the day from Karula, Hosana and Xongile. The slender spotted cats were enjoying a relatively cool morning relaxing near Treehouse dam. Karula was once again unimpressed with Hosana’s continued nagging for attention. She hissed and moved off leaving the cubs to their own devices. Soon they clambered up a nearby tree and fought over the most comfortable spot. 
Back on Chitwa Thandi and her cub were found once again. Still tucked away safely in the large boughs of their chosen marula tree. Once again Thandi slept off her still hugely swollen belly white her young cub tried everything to remain occupied. He swatted at insects, and played with his tail before eventually drifting off to sleep in the muggy heat of another African day.
Thandi’s cub fighting boredom. Screenshot Credit: Lily Brown safariLIVE, Djuma
Tristan spent the afternoon with Hosana, who had a few visitors stop by his local waterhole spot. First a small herd of elephants and then a hyena who decided Hosana’s shady spot was the place to be. Hosana watched from a distance as the Hyena wallowed in the shallow water. 
The Nkuhuma’s finally graced us with their presence again. Amber Eyes and the youngest lioness were found walking along the road in the dusk, we closed the drive with the lovely lionesses lying on the road. 
The Nkuhuma’s come out of the shadows. Screenshot Credit: Lellovlev safariLIVE, Djuma
Tuesday the 14th of February
WE spent our Valentine’s Day with the loving Royal Family. In the sunrise safari, Hosana and Xongile spent their morning together, playing and practising their hunting skills. 
That afternoon, Karula came to collect the cubs. Hosana was in a playful mood, Xongile wandered a bit too far and lost her royal kin but eventually found them again as they moved off into the evening. 
Xongile searching. Screenshot credit: Lily Brown safariLIVE, Djuma
Wednesday the 15th of February
One of the Cheetah brothers’ chase of impala was disturbed by a mischievous troop of baboon on Cheetah Plains. He stopped sulking and posed with pride on top of a log as the sun was rising, a beautiful moment for the morning safari. 
Cheetah brother posing. Screenshot Credit: Lily Brown safariLIVE, Djuma
Towards the end of the day Hosana and Xongile were spotted near Treehouse dam, lazing around in the unbearable heat and having the occasional sip of water.  
Karula on the other hand was found on her own, and too lethargic to even bat an eyelid. 
A highlight scene of one of the cheetah brothers as he roamed the plain with a satisfied belly & a blood-stained mouth. He stood still as Dineo the tropical storm approached in the background, framed by a vibrant rainbow. 
As nightfall approached and the hunger set in, two of the Nkuhuma’s, Amber Eyes and the youngest lioness attempted to hunt a kudu, impala and a warthog – all unfortunately unsuccessful for the cats. 

Nkuhuma lioness. Screenshot Credit: Anges Zsiga safariLIVE, Djuma
Friday the 17th of February
Our grey and wet morning was brightened up by the Nkuhuma pride as they shared a waterbuck as a family meal. The cubs were looking healthy, and there is no longer any sign of their mange. A very happy family with their red stained smiles. 

A satisfied Nkuhuma pride. Screenshot Credit: Lily Brown safariLIVE, Djuma