Saturday, 28 January
Princess Xongile kicked off Caturday in a less than royal way – she had found her way to Hosana’s week-old monitor lizard kill and set about playing with it. It amused her for a while, but not long enough to keep her from a day of cat napping.

[Screenshot: @Lily Brown]

Sunday, 29 January AM
Xongile was found looking rather forlorn as she munched on grass, trying to appease some feelings of unease but luckily it wasn’t long before Karula and Hosana arrived to rescue her. Karula set off with cubs in tow, and eventually they lead us to our backyard, Quarantine Clearings, where Karula had an impala kill ready and waiting. The royal family set about for their Sunday breakfast, lunch and dinner.

[Screenshot: @Lily Brown]

Monday, 30 January
Once again, The Royal Family were ready and waiting for another installment of TV stardom. Karula did a great job at showing off, as she spied on a large nyala bull from the boughs of a marula tree; but eventually she decided she would rather settle for a nap in the tree instead. Hosana decided he needed some alone time and wandered off; while his sister Xongile simply disappeared amongst the long SUmmer grasses. By the afternoon, not much had changed with the royal family – Karula was still snoozing under a marula tree, and Hosana was still lazily resplendent upon a termite mound.

[Screenshot: @Lily Brown]

Back on safari with us and straight into the action, Tristan caught up with cheetah on Cheetah Plains but only one part of the cheetah brother coalition was lazing up in the afternoon sunshine. And there he remained for the afternoon, awaiting the return of his brother.

[Screenshot: @B37Monica]

Tuesday, 31 January
A cloudy morning broke and Jamie was spoiled with playful entertainment from Hosana and Xongile. Hosana was found by himself sleeping comfortably until his sister arrived on the scene and refused to let the sleeping cat lie. She eventually convinced him to join in her games but with a niggling limp, he failed at her games of climbing trees. Both royal babies were chased up trees when a young hyena arrived on scene, but the passer-by let them be and continued with his morning stroll.

[Screenshot: @maryann944]

By sunset safari, we were dealt a double leopard whammy with Inkanyeni, resplendent but deeply asleep in the boughs of a tree. As well as a territorial patrol march with Tingana, the newly dubbed ‘Duke of Djuma’.

[Screenshot: @DianaHill15]

[Screenshot: @SaaraHups]

01 February
Only one more day until their birthday, Brent was delighted to find Hosana and Xongile at a favourite spot of theirs – Twin Dams, where they were up to their usual antics. Xongile napped under a tree, while Hosana terrorised a terrapin until it managed to dash for safety in the water. The afternoon held much of the same for the royal siblings; with mom still not on the scene it was only each other for company and the anticipation of their upcoming birthday.

[Screenshot: @etbuch]

Thursday, 02 February
As luck would have it, the day of the royal birthday dawned and there were no royal cubs to celebrate with! Turned out that Karula caught their birthday dinner in Little Gowrie and there they remained for their feast.

We did however, luck out with a catch up with Styx ladies, accompanied by one Birmingham Boy. They spent their very balmy afternoon at the Arathusa airstrip, digesting what must have been a hearty meal. There were no cubs in sight, but they were likely hidden in some shade nearby.

[Screenshot: @SaaraHupps]