Queen Karula has raised two feisty cubs. Xongile, female and Hosana, male, are rambunctious, healthy and a testament to their mother’s skills as a protector and provider.

To celebrate their special day, WE co-founder Graham Wallington has created this beautiful line drawing (above) of them and mom, which will be featured on a new run of t-shirts, for sale. The image is also available as a digital, high resolution download, for a contribution of your choice.

Xongile (left) and Hosana (right) – Photo by Brent Leo-Smith

WE would love to bring you content from places further afield, like the wildebeest migration, following the lions of the Mara on their hunts, gorillas in their habitat and even sealife. These contributions will not only make it possible to bring you more of the leopards’ adventures as they head into their second year, but also make even more of these projects from more locations possible.

If you would like to purchase a t-shirt, you can do so by using the the following link: royalbirthday.crm-api-integ-220516.mystagingwebsite.com

If you would like to purchase a high-res version of the drawing, please select an amount of your choice and the email address to send it to below and pay via PayPal using your PayPal account or your credit card. The drawings will be e-mailed to you as the campaign closes on February 9th.

Note that the shirts and drawings will only be available until February 9th, so don’t hesitate too long or you’ll miss them!

UPDATE: This campaign is now closed. Thank you all for participating!