The Cat Report 24 – 31 March

25 March Lions on the landingstrip greeted the safariLIVE crew as an autumnal carpet of marbled cloud shielded the bush from an unrelenting sun.. The Styx pride complete with two healthy cubs and three of the Birmingham males lay full bellied and in the open. The lionesses huddled with an impressive Nsuku while Tinyo and [...]

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safariLIVE Time change 1 April, 2017

The evenings smell like the smoke of wood fires, the bush is slowly turning from summer greens to autumn yellows. All the while our sun moves ever faster across the sky, rising later and setting earlier. Winter is coming and with it comes a necessary time change, to make sure not a second of the [...]

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17 March As the darkness set in, three of the Birmingham Boys scattered themselves amongst the long grass of Impala Plains. The cats went by the powerful names of Mfumo, Tinyo, and Nenha. All three of their faces were scarred with old wounds, but we admired the marks as we imagined the stories that are [...]

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The Cat Report 10 – 17 March

11 March The stunning Xongile enjoyed her time alone as she curled around the branch of a marula tree, and used her luscious tail to flick away any lurking flies. As time passed she climbed down the tree and re-positioned to keep a lookout between naps on top of a termite mound. She noticed an [...]

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Daylight Savings March 2017

The winds are blowing and with them comes a change of season and a change of time! Many of our viewers across the USA will be entering Daylight Savings on March 12th 2017. Our live safari schedule is not yet changing for the winter,  but WE wanted to put out a little reminder to all [...]

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The Cat Report 3 – 10 March

The Cat Report 3 - 10 March 3 March Romance was in the air with a Birmingham Boy, Nhena, and the youngest Nkuhuma lioness. They spent their evening sporadically mating with long intervals of lying around in the long grass. She seemed a lot less interested than he was - possibly playing hard to get? [...]

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Happy Birthday Karula!

The Queen of Djuma, Karula, is turning 13 years young on the 15th of March! WE thought there would be no better way to celebrate than to ask YOU to share your favourite moments spent with this astounding leopardess while out in the African wilderness. (Image Credit: Tayla McCurdy, Djuma Private Game Reserve) WE are [...]

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safariLIVE Viewer Profile: Kyle McFetters

At 16 years old, Kyle McFetters is the youngest single person WE've featured in our Viewer Profile series. A viewer since November 2015, he discovered the drives like so many others have, through our collaboration with Nat Geo Wild during Big Cat Week. Kyle has since discovered all the other views of the natural world [...]

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The Cat Report 24 February – 3 March

The Cat Report 24 February - 3 March 24 February Lions don’t look as graceful in trees as leopards do, but it was such a special sight to watch one of the Nkuhuma cubs at least try. After a good attempt, he carefully, one paw at a time, came back down to solid ground to [...]

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