The winds are blowing and with them comes a change of season and a change of time! Many of our viewers across the USA will be entering Daylight Savings on March 12th 2017.

Our live safari schedule is not yet changing for the winter,  but WE wanted to put out a little reminder to all our viewers. For those who do observe Daylight Savings, your adventures in the African bush will begin one hour later than usual.

Please check the updated safari start times for your time zone below:

Sunrise Safari
Start: 05:30 am
End: 08:30 am
Start: 23:30 pm
End: 02:30 am
Start: 22:30 pm
End: 01:30 am
Start: 20:30 pm
End:23:30 pm
Sunset Safari
Start: 16:00 pm
End: 19:00 pm
Start: 10:00 am
End: 13:00 pm
Start: 09:00 am
End: 12:00 pm
Start: 07:00 am
End: 10:00 am


(Image Credit: Tayla McCurdy, Chitwa Chitwa)