safariLIVE celebrates Mother’s Day 2017 LIVE on Nat Geo WILD!

It’s back to LIVE TV for the safariLIVE crew! And what better occasion to celebrate our return to the silver screen than Mother’s Day 2017. Some of our most astute viewers will have noticed that WE are already getting into the swing of things by practicing advertisement break intervals during our live drives. (Karula lovingly [...]

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safariLIVE Time Change 1 May 2017

Well safarians, winter is just about upon us! That means it’s time for another adjustment to our LIVE safari drive start times. WE do this to ensure you are out and about in the African wilderness when the animals are at their most active! Our days are getting shorter, our nights are getting longer and [...]

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The Cat Report: 21 April – 28 April

Friday 21 April After presumably picking up on Xongile’s scent, we listened to Hosana calling out on Baboon Pan before he ducked and disappeared - was he looking for his little sister? [Screenshot: Lily Brown] WE then raced off to find Tingana before the end of the sunset safari, having been notified of his presence [...]

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The Cat Report: 14 April – 21 April

Friday, 14 April Xongile was found stalking impala on Gowrie Main. Darkness fell quickly and WE didn’t see her make a kill but left her hunting in the rain. [Screenshot: Lily Brown]   Saturday, 15 April Just past Cheetah Plains, camouflaged in long, long grass, Thandi and Thamba had hidden an impala kill (possibly from [...]

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The Cat Report: 07 April – 14 April

Friday, 07 April WE paid another visit to the Nkuhuma pride to see how they had gotten on with their meal. Having spent most of the day feasting on the diminishing buffalo kill they were stretched out contentedly, stomachs expanded to the maximum, breathing heavily to release the excess heat generated from another scorching day [...]

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The Cat Report: 31 March – 07 April

  Saturday, 01 April   Another Cat-urday and the luck was on our side. First up, in the sunrise safari, we spent time catching up with the ever-gorgeous Mr Quarantine. [Screenshot: @DianaHill15] The sunset safari also held a spotted cat in store, and it was none other than Xongile. The royal princess was striding down [...]

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