Friday, 07 April
WE paid another visit to the Nkuhuma pride to see how they had
gotten on with their meal. Having spent most of the day feasting on the
diminishing buffalo kill they were stretched out contentedly, stomachs expanded
to the maximum, breathing heavily to release the excess heat generated from
another scorching day in Sabi Sands.
[Screenshot: Lily Brown]
Saturday, 08 April
Two spots on Gowrie Cutline gave away the stealthy Mvula on the
Sunrise Safari. Having surreptitiously concealed his impala kill in the long
grass, the tired old chap had taken his chances on a morning nap.
[Screenshot: Lily Brown]
Meanwhile our dominant male leopard, Tingana, sought his own
victory on Arathusa. Flat on his stomach in hunting posture, he had watched a
herd of impala until they spotted him. Undeterred, Tignana moved on –
expressing both disdain and declaring dominance with a low deep saw.
[Screenshot: Lily Brown]
Saturday ended with the Nkuhumas who had all but finished their
buffalo kill. After being thoroughly amused by the cubs being scrappy as to who
should get the leftovers, we left them bonding and grooming under a waxing
 [Screenshot: Lily Brown]
Sunday, 09 April
Xongile’s search for her mother led her to Ribbon’s den on Sunday
morning. A potentially dangerous place to be, the clever girl avoided risk by
climbing up a nearby tree.
[Screenshot: Lily Brown]
There was much excitement when, less than a kilometre away, WE
chanced upon her brother Hosana, who was distressing a family of warthog on
their way to wallow in some water. It was clear from his robust appearance that
he had been successful in feeding off the smaller offerings of the bush
following his mother’s disappearance.
[Screenshot: Lily Brown]
Tingana was caught red handed in a tree with Mvula’s stolen
impala, with two opportunistic hyenas parked off in the shade below hoping for
some meaty droppings.
[Screenshot: Lily Brown]
Monday, 10 April
On the sunrise safari WE were treated to a magnificent sighting of
Thandi and her cub Thamba posing together on a fallen tree, with a recent kill
of theirs stashed nearby.  Like most of Thandi’s offspring, Thamba has
grown into an absolutely beautiful young male leopard.


[Screenshot: Lily Brown]  
Xongile was spotted in the morning on Vuyatela Dam, looking like
she was on the hunt for more terrapin. Later she demonstrated her improving
hunting skills by successfully catching a water monitor lizard.
[Screenshot: Ann Del Tredici‏]
The day ended with Tingana (who had napped and cleaned for most of
the afternoon) out on patrol of his large territory.
[Screenshot: Lily Brown]
Tuesday, 11 April
WE had an exciting start to the day when James discovered lion
tracks belonging to BB Boys Nhenha and Mfumo.
Thandi and her not so little cub Thamba were found again on
Chitwa, still with their kill. Thamba was not as playful as he had been the day
before and Thandi got irritated by the flies and snarling when they nipped her
nose and ears.
[Screenshot: Lily Brown]
Leopard tracks were also discovered. WE suspected them to belong
to Xongile following in Tingana’s footprints from a distance.
[Screenshot: James Richard]
Byron found Nhenha and Mfumo fast asleep near Galago Waterhole. They
must have been tired from their evening patrol and barely stirred when a young
elephant bull passed by.
 [Screenshot: Lily Brown]
Wednesday, 12 April
Leopards Inkanyeni and her son Vutomi were found hiding up two
trees, having been chased by a pack of wild dogs. While the chances of a
vicious conflict had been high, the wild dogs moved on and the cats climbed
down from their trees. Both cats appeared to be suffering from crushing
fatigue, as common in the aftermath of a huge shock. Vutomi especially looked
exhausted by the incident.
[Screenshot: Jennifer ]
Hosana was found at Twin Dams, looking like he might be hunting
terrapins. In uncharacteristic leopard hunting technique,  he made a run
at a herd of impala who were all too big for him.


[Screenshot: Lily Brown ]
Thursday, 13 April
Brent started the day with good news and bad news. Good news being
that the royal siblings Xongile and Hosana have reunited and the bad news that
they had crossed out of our area and we would not be seeing them.
Tingana, who had been on the move a lot this week, appeared to be
taking it easy after a busy night patrolling and marking his territory.


[Screenshot: Lily Brown]  
We spent some time following the Nkuhuma pride along the main road
MMM before they gave us the slip and disappeared with the fading of light into
long grass.
[Screenshot: Lily Brown]  
Friday, 14 April
Thandi and Thamba were found on Chitwa finishing off a steenbok
kill.  They shared a tender moment post meal before crossing over into
[Screenshot: Sherrie ]