Well safarians, winter is just about upon us! That means it’s time for another adjustment to our LIVE safari drive start times. WE do this to ensure you are out and about in the African wilderness when the animals are at their most active!

Our days are getting shorter, our nights are getting longer and all the while the mercury is steadily dropping. As of Monday, 1 May 2017, WE will be venturing forth into the sunset half an hour earlier. Our sunrise drive times however, will remain unchanged.

Copy of Copy of 20160928GeraldineKentElephantSunset.jpg
(Elephants graze in sunset light, Image Credit: Geraldine Kent, Djuma, Sabi Sand)

Please check the table below for new safari start times in your time zone:
safariLIVE Drives
Sunrise Safari
Start: 06:00am
End: 09:00am
Start: 05:00am
End: 08:00am
Start: 00:00am
End: 03:00am
Start: 21:00pm
End: 00:00am
Sunset Safari
Start: 15:00pm
Start: 14:00pm
End: 17:00pm
Start: 09:00am
End: 12:00pm
Start: 06:00am
End: 09:00am