WildEarth began broadcasting LIVE safaris 10 years ago today on the 27th April 2007.


It has been a roller coaster journey with many ups and downs but an absolute privilege to be on a mission to connect people around the world with our wildlife.


In the beginning WE could only afford to have 80 people watching at a time and we all remember how our loyal viewers would have to rush to “jump on the back of the The Tank”. There were false starts and a period when we had to stop broadcasting, but today WildEarth is stronger than ever and safariLIVE is growing from strength to strength.


WE are very grateful for the incredible support from you our viewers over this long and wonderful journey. Often it was only knowing that you were out there watching us and egging us on that kept us going. Truly there would be no safariLIVE today were it not for your unfailing support and unwavering faith in this simple but magical experience.


BLSPhoto (13 of 26).jpg
(Image Credit: Brent Leo-Smith, Djuma)


Today we celebrate all that WE have achieved, all the trials and tribulations, all those that have run with us for a while but have now moved on, all those viewers that are no longer with us and all that the future promises.


WE also launch our new WildEarth merchandise shop at shop.crm-api-integ-220516.mystagingwebsite.com where you can buy various branded T-shirts and other items. There are also a few shirts celebrating our first 10 years LIVE with a drawing of one of our safariLIVE vehicles on the back. The drawing was done by Rebecca Moolman.


WE 10th birthday.jpg


Rebecca is the daughter of Pippa and Jurie Moolman, the owners of Djuma. Without the incredible and unwavering support from Pippa and Jurie throughout the years we would not be here today. A very special thank you to them.


WE 10th birthday drawing.jpg


All the proceeds from the shop will go towards our commitment to keep connecting you to wildlife … it’s in our nature.


Today (Thursday 27th April) we will be doing a fireside chat in honour of the ten years we have been broadcasting. We have put together a short video where we hear from some of our viewers about what the journey has meant for them. Also our current presenters will be showing you clips from their first ever safariLIVE drives. Please join us to celebrate our 10th birthday.


Please see the start times for the WE birthday FSC for your time zone below:
Fireside Chat
Start: 18:15 pm
End: 18:30 pm
Start: 17:15 pm
End: 17:30 pm
Start: 12:15 pm
End: 12:30 pm
Start: 09:15 am
End:09:30 am