The Cat Report: 19 – 26 May 2016

Saturday 20 May As the chilly night relented, the sunrise was welcomed on the Arathusa grasslands by the shivering WE crew. As WE were enjoying the golden sunrise, we were met with the golden gaze of the beautiful leopardess, Shadow, alert and on the lookout for potential danger or perhaps prey. Shadow’s alert outline was [...]

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A royal celebration in honor of the missing Queen!

As many of you will know by now, our great Queen, Karula, has been absent from our LIVE safaris for just over two months. With no trace of her being reported anywhere the chances of ever finding our beloved queen dwindle each day she is gone. At 13 years old Karula has certainly lived a [...]

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Cat Report 12 – 19 May 2017

Friday 12 May Friday’s sunset safari and another cat week began with the leopardess Salayexe, who was reclining in the tree as she fed off her impala kill. At one point she climbed down, calling out (possibly her two year old cub Tiyani, who remained unseen but nearby) and sniffing constantly at the ground, before [...]

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safariLIVE time change 16 May 2017

Well safarians winter is finally upon us and that means one final time change as we delve into the cooler months of the year. Dawn breaks over the African wilderness ever later, the dawn chorus is lulling as migrants and fledglings spread their wings to soar to faraway places, and the safariLIVE crew’s alarm clocks [...]

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safariLIVE May rehearsal schedule 2017

With another appearance on television screens across the US hurtling towards us, WE need to polish up and practice until our performance is perfect. That means WE will be having just a few private rehearsals in the week to come. While this does mean that you will miss a safari or two it also ensures [...]

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The Cat Report: 28 April – 5 May

Friday 28 April The elusive Cheetah Brothers were staking out their claim on Cheetah Plains, tails held high as they scent-marked their way through the open grasslands before vanishing from sight. [Screenshot: Agnes Zsiga‎] Nearby lay Inkanyeni, her rosetted flaxen fur set off by the green of the grass, as she made contact calls to [...]

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