Friday 12 May

Friday’s sunset safari and another cat week began with the leopardess Salayexe, who was reclining in the tree as she fed off her impala kill. At one point she climbed down, calling out (possibly her two year old cub Tiyani, who remained unseen but nearby) and sniffing constantly at the ground, before jogging quickly back to the carcass.

(Salayexe, Screenshot Credit: Chantelle De Villiers, safariLIVE, Arathusa – South of airstrip)

Xongile, all graceful lines and gorgeous spots, was sitting on the dam wall at Vuyatela after attempting a hunt she settled for the evening.

Saturday 13 May

The now not so little prince Hosana was doing some aquatic hunting on Djuma (something him and his sister have become very good at) – leaping from puddle to puddle in search for unsuspecting terrapin. Active and on the move, WE lost him along the Milwati.

(Hosana, Screenshot Credit: Denise Diorio, safariLIVE, Djuma Milwati)

Monday 15 May

Vutomi, Inkanyeni’s young, male cub decided to briefly grace the grasslands with his presence as he was attempting to elude anything or anyone’s gaze. After a long tracking session, WE managed to catch a glimpse of his slender figure through the long grass, as he was making his way toward Nkhoro melting into his surroundings once more he ventured on to the Nkhoro grasslands.


(Vutomi, Screenshot Credit: Chantelle De Villiers, safariLIVE, Cheetah Plains – Boundering Nkhoro)

Tuesday 16 May

As the afternoon sun glowed orb-like creating a glow across the Cheetah plains landscape, the stage was perfectly set for the honeymoon couple to engage in their amorous endeavours amongst the tall grass. WE caught up to the lovers in their grassy honeymoon suite where they were lying. Young Quarantine was completely oblivious to the onlookers as he was captivated by Inkanyeni’s grace and prowess. She would dance about him upon occasion, as leopards do, to entice him into mating with her. Quarantine was so enamoured with her that she barely had to touch him and he would be more than happy to oblige her request. They continued engaging one another in this leopard lovers dance, only resting occasionally when WE moved on to Further explore the African plains.

(Inkanyeni and Quarentine, Screenshot Credit: Sierra, safariLIVE, Cheetah plains boundering Nkorho)

Wednesday 17 May

Wednesday morning, one of our favourite Birmingham boys,Tinyo, was found basking in morning glow. His mane was shining with the morning dew drops embellishing his golden mess of a mane. Nothing seemed to bother or stir this Birmingham boy from his slumber. He was fast asleep dozing as only the king of the grasslands could. WE left Tinyo in the hopes of revisiting him in the evening and finding a more activity on his part.

Upon returning to Tinyo with the late afternoon fading into early evening, Tinyo was still stationary in his aforementioned position. The large feline had failed to move even an inch during the day and did not move a muscle. He was insisting on lulling his audience into the same slumber he so enjoyed.

(Tinyo, Screenshot Credit: Payton Pay, safariLIVE, Chitwa – Near Airstrip)