Friday 28 April
The elusive Cheetah Brothers were staking out their claim on Cheetah Plains, tails held high as they scent-marked their way through the open grasslands before vanishing from sight.
[Screenshot: Agnes Zsiga‎]
Nearby lay Inkanyeni, her rosetted flaxen fur set off by the green of the grass, as she made contact calls to her new cubs after taking a snooze. 
[Screenshot: Agnes Zsiga‎]
Also on Cheetah Plains was the larger-spotted Tingana, on his own patrol of safeguarding territory, marching North of Central Rd with confidence and at haste.
[Screenshot: Lily Brown‎]

Saturday 29 April
Despite the positive beginning of a rainbow stretched across the sunset safari sky, Go Birding day ended unfortunately for the twitchers with Thamba enjoying a guinea fowl dinner before joining his mother at a more satisfying waterbuck kill.
[Screenshot: Tommy Buch‎]

Sunday 30 April
Just north of Cheetah Plains, three members of the Lower Sabi Breakaway Pack were on the run, having stolen the waterbuck carcass from Thamba and Thandi. They coursed through the bush with eyes sharp and focused, looking for their next meal.

[Screenshot: Lily Brown‎]
Thandi and Thamba, bellyful and beautiful, sheltered from the rain beneath a tree on Chitwa Chitwa. When Thandi left him to relax on top of a termite mound, Thamba called out to his mother in a high pitched voice, risking attention from a nearby elephant bull cracking branches.
[Screenshot: Lily Brown‎]
After sleeping off a full belly on Arathusa, Birmingham Boy Mfumo made contact calls that cut through the night – prompting Jamie to declare poetically, “The greatest composer cannot match the crescendo of a lion’s roar.”  He looked unconcerned by the injury near his eye which was fresh and weeping.
[Screenshot: Di Priem‎]
Wednesday 03 May
Sunrise safari started with the gentle lope of the Birmingham Boy Mfumo, who had woken up most of the safariLIVE team members with his roars only to give us the ghost minutes into the drive.
[Screenshot: Lily Brown‎]
Tingana was also on the move on Arathusa, proving there is never any rest for a king as he diligently scent- marked his way down MMM road.
[Screenshot: Lily Brown‎]
Thursday 04 May
An exciting start to the day with Jamie and Senzo on a ferrari safari, doing their best to keep with the Lower Sabi Breakaway Pack who were looking ready to ambush an impala. WE managed to stay hot on their heels but unfortunately the dogs missed their chance and left us in search of something else for breakfast.
[Screenshot: Lily Brown‎]
WE all cheered for Hosana when he was found with an impressive subadult impala kill on Vuyatela. With the kill hoisted up a tree, he lay flat in the shade to escape the heat, rising only to resume his meal amongst the branches once the day had cooled and the sun sank lower.
[Screenshot: Lily Brown‎]
Tingana too had recently made a kill, and WE found him triumphant and content in a tree on Cheetah Plains, exhibiting his massive belly before climbing down for some sawing and patrolling.
[Screenshot: Lily Brown‎]
Friday 05 May
Hosana was still with his impala kill on Quarantine, sleeping in tall grass beside a termite mound with his carcass hoisted up a tree. Another member of its species spotted the royal prince and alarm called – causing Hosana to give a warning snarl and move the kill – snatching mouthfuls of meat whilst standing guard.
[Screenshot: PatriciaScott]
On the corner of Hippo Pools Road and Drakensburg Road the other cat with a full belly, Tingana, rolled himself out of slumber before slinking out of sight.
[Screenshot: James Richard‎]