Sabi Sand cat location map

Sabi Sand

Screenshot: Hosana by Laura B from Alabama

Screenshot: Thamba by Danny nl Prox

Screenshot: Thandi by  Laura B from Alabama

Screenshot: Xongile by Patricia Scott


19 August

Hosana was found relaxing in the shade near Galago Pan with his sister Xongile, having stolen a kill from her earlier in the day. WE watched in suspense as a third leopard – Thandi –  joined the sighting. She peered from behind a thick bush, curious about who these two leopards could be. Xongile was the first to spot her and was quick on her feet. What happened next was a bit of a blur but resulted in a scuffle between the two females, with Thandi coming out with some bloody scratches to her face. No apparent injury was seen on Xongile.

Screenshot: Janine


21 August

The Nkuhumas were mobile just west of Impala road, looking like they had recently eaten. The youngest lioness of the pride was particularly restless. The lions unfortunately wandered west off the property, leaving us behind. Their sojourn to the west however was brief. Shortly after the pride returned to Djuma with two new cubs not more than a few weeks old and belonging to the youngest lioness.


25 August

The youngest lioness was feeding off a buffalo kill near Gowrie Dam with one of the Birmingham Boys. The rest of the pride and cubs were found nearby, resting and grooming in the shade and looking like they too had recently eaten.

Screenshot: Joy


25 August

All four of the Birmingham Boys were seen on sunrise safari. One of them (Nsuku) was feeding off a buffalo kill with the youngest of the Nkuhuma lioness’s. Nsuku had a fresh injury under the arm of his front right leg. It did not cause him to limp. The rest of the Birmingham boys were spotted in close vicinity between Gowrie Cutline and Sidney’s Dam – two of them feeding off the remains of another buffalo and a third Birmingham lying nearby in long grass.


The Angama lioness after abandoning her hunt for the zebras. Screenshot: Mats, safariLIVE, Mara Triangle.


August 21

A lone male was found on the Angama Driveway, roaring into the twilight but got no responses. One of his eyes was badly scratched up, suggesting he had been in a scrap. A jackal boldly approached him, but the lion left the jackal alone and it ran off. Later, a lone female arrived in the same area and roared in response to the male before settling down to rest.

August 22

On the plains near Keekorok, we spotted a lioness amongst the grass, stalking toward some zebra. She tried to remain hidden but the zebra eventually spotted her. The stalk was foiled and the lioness abandoned the potential hunt.

The Paradise lioness chokes the zebra kill it has made. Screenshot credit: MorningGlory, safariLIVE, Mara Triangle


19 August

A lone zebra braved a harrowing Mara River crossing and escaped unscathed by the currents or crocodiles. Unfortunately, the ordeal was not over yet. As the zebra began an unsteady climb to the plains a Paradise Pride lioness burst from the bushes. The struggle was over in seconds, the lioness pinned the zebra down and skillfully secured her meal.

Egyptian Goose lioness rests in the predawn light amongst the tall grass. Screenshot credit: Ginlyn64, safariLIVE, Mara Triangle


20 August

A few members of the Egyptian Goose Pride hunkered down in the grasslands of Mlima Mbii. They were surrounded by herds of the migration. They  attempted to stalk an oblivious zebra but were soon spotted and were forced to change tactics. Their next target was one of the thousands of gnu-ing wildebeest. Yet the cats seemed to have lost interest and soon disappeared further into the grasslands.

The brothers resting after their hierarchical tumble. Screenshot credit: Cheekie Geekie Beth, safariLIVE, Masai Mara


19 August

Friction had developed amongst the group. One of the Musketeer brothers had been aggressively battering his larger, collard brother, D’Artagnan. The five males appeared to be establishing a new hierarchy among the group. A few more scuffles broke out but soon everything was at peace again.


21 August

We found the coalition recently much further southeast of their last position. They looked to have eaten recently and rested for a while before rising and continuing their prowl. After sunset, the group took down a zebra and began to feast upon it. Dinner however, was rudely interrupted by a clan of hyenas. After several aggressive interactions, the hyena emerged victorious and sent the cheetah on their way.



22 August

A very rare sighting turned into an even rarer event. A serval was spotted stalking in the grasslands of Lugga Ndlovu. It then pounced into the grass and emerged with a small rodent in its mouth. The serval then scurried off with its kill, This was the first time had been filmed making a kill, making this quite a special event.