Over the past few days WE have noticed that a few of our wonderful and loyal viewers have expressed their concerns over how WE choose and answer questions on safariLIVE.

So WE have taken this opportunity to detail exactly how questions are gathered and chosen to be sent through to the LIVE presenters.

There are three main ways to send your question through to the team in Final Control:

  1. #safariLIVE on Twitter.
  2. Chat on the safariLIVE stream on YouTubecrm-api-integ-220516.mystagingwebsite.com/safarilive
  3. The WildEarth chat box on the wildearth website, also to the right of the safariLIVE broadcast.

WE no longer encourage questions being shared with us via email as these are not public. One of the aspects of our live interactive safaris is not only to create an interaction between you, the viewer and the presenter, but also to generate interaction between you the viewer and other viewers. WE are about building and sharing a community of individuals who are as passionate about the wilderness as WE are. Sharing your questions and comments on a public forum is one of the best ways to do this.

The team in FC monitors these feeds and selects the best and MOST RELEVANT question at the time. If your question is brief and relevant to the content being seen on camera when your question is being sent through then the chance of having your question answered LIVE on air is significantly higher. For example, WE will not feed through a question about leopard dynamics while spending time with the Nkuhuma pride of lions. If your question is not relevant to what is being seen or discussed or if a presenter has just finished addressing a particular topic or event then the chances of your questions being answered are lower. Should you submit a question and the animal action changes, the directing team may answer it if it becomes relevant once again.

A sunrise only Africa can deliver

(Image Credit: Tayla McCurdy)

In NO WAY do WE or any team member of WE or safariLIVE favor or show preference to any particular viewers. No matter if you’ve been watching for a week or many years WE have no preference, it is all about the quality of the question and how it fits into the narrative.

Please also bear in mind that WE and safariLIVE have grown our viewer base exponentially over the past few years. This means that with each and every show WE receive a flood of questions, comments and other user generated content. WE simply cannot answer every question asked during a LIVE broadcast.


As always WE appreciate your feedback and your continued support of the continually growing safariLIVE experience. WE would also like to extend our thanks to you for communicating your concerns and bringing this to our attention. WE’ll see you all on the back of our vehicles when WE head out together for another African adventure!