Hosana staring ahead in the brush. Photo Credit: Christina, safariLIVE, Sabi Sands.


2 September

We found Hosana on the road right next to Chitwa Lodge. He prowled around near the lodge before disappearing into the brush. We unfortunately lost sight of him after this..

Thamba resting atop a rock amidst the brush. Photo Credit: Joy, safariLIVE, Sabi Sands.


5 September

We went on a mission to try and find this elusive cat. The task proved quite frustrating but eventually, the work paid off. Thamba was found in the long golden grass at Xinzele Road at Chitwa Chitwa, almost hidden from sight. His whole body seemed to glow as he rested and he observed his surroundings curiously, seeming content to simply relax.


Tingana prowling through the mulwati in the afternoon sunlight. Photo Credit: Tulip, safariLIVE, Sabi Sands.


3 September

We found Tingana strolling near the Twin Dams along the Mamba Road. His delap looked bigger than ever and his stomach was quite large as well. We watched him meander through the trees for sometime, as he looked gorgeous in the sunlight. We eventually left him to go about his business.


One of the lionesses of the pride on the hunt. Photo Credit: James, safariLIVE, Maasai Mara.

Angama Pride

2 September


We found a group of lionesses with cubs in a wooded area, where they had taken down the wildebeest. The pride were all feasting on the body, which evidently would take them sometime to work through.

The cheetah brothers standing guard and feasting on the wildebeest kill. Photo Credit: 30 Minute Fitness, safariLIVE, Maasai Mara.

Musketeer Cheetah Coalition

7 September

We found the cheetah brothers stalking across the Mara plains near Talek early in the morning. They suddenly charged after a wildebeest and one of the brothers managed to overtake it, tackling it and held it down as the other four arrived. Together, they killed the wildebeest and began to feed. D’Artagnan lay on the sidelines for sometime before he managed to eat with the others. Later, two hyenas arrived but for some reason, they appeared too cautious to challenge the brothers and merely watched the feast. The cheetah were able to finish their kill, leaving the scraps for the hyenas.


One of the cubs plays with the zebra tail. Photo Credit: MaryAnn, safariLIVE, Maasai Mara.

Sausage Tree Pride

3 September

We found a group of Sausage Tree lions off the main road in the early hours of the morning. The group had made a zebra kill and there were two lionesses present with four cubs. The cubs had great fun playing with a torn off zebra tail, while the lionesses guarded and snacked on the carcass.

A male of the Pride resting on a rock amidst the Maasai plains. Photo Credit: Laura, safariLIVE, Maasai Mara.

Egyptian Goose

4 September

We found three young male lions on the hunt close to the main road. Two of the males were stalking a wildebeest, mere feet from it and closing fast. One of the males flanked around a large rock formation as the other stalked behind the wildebeest and lunged at it as soon as their intended prey came around the rock. However, the wildebeest ran and the males half-heartedly ran after it before they gave up. The wildebeest escaped and the males rested on the rock formations, apparently not too interested in continuing hunting.


5 September


We found several lions of the pride resting near Serena. They rested for sometime before they went on a hunt. The lions chased off a group of hyenas from a wildebeest kill and began to feast on it themselves, taking turns with the meal.


Scarface sitting amongst the long grass. Photo Credit: FuzzmanSparkles, safariLIVE, Maasai Mara.

5 September

We found Scarface lying in the long grass several miles South of Mara Camp. He appeared to be eating something but it was hard to tell exactly what it was thanks to the long grass. We watched him for sometime before moving on but it is always a pleasure to see this lion.

The serval peers out of the long grass. Photo Credit: MaryAnn, safariLIVE, Maasai Mara.


2 September

A serval was found in the plains near the main road, stalking through the long grass. It appeared to be on the hunt and we followed it for sometime before it appeared to be ready to pounce. Unfortunately, it ended up losing interest and disappeared for sometime. It was found again sometime later, where this time it pounced and caught something, mostly hidden from view in the grass.