Thandi’s eyes glow in the night. Screenshot credit: Suzi, safariLIVE, Djuma.



Aug 28th

On Galogo Pan, a monkey alarm call was heard, making us wonder if a predator was nearby. Sure enough, near the source of the monkey call Thandi was discovered in the bush. The leopard was sitting in a clearing, watching her surroundings curiously. She stayed in the spot for several minutes before she turned tail and disappeared into the trees.

Tingana sits in the shade of the thicket. Screenshot credit: Mr P, safariLIVE, Djuma



Aug 30th 

We found Tingana by treehouse dam, walking in the road. We followed him to a thicket, where the local francolins didn’t take kindly to his presence and began alarm calling at him. He didn’t seem to mind, however, and settled down for a nap in the shade. We found him again at the mulwati, where he was quite relaxed in the shade. We had a final glimpse of him as he crossed south out of our traverse before he disappeared.

One of the Nkuhuma cubs plays happily next to its mother. Screenshot: Saara, safariLIVE, Djuma.

Nkuhuma Pride


Aug 27

We found the youngest lioness of the Nkuhuma pride with a determined male. She showed little interest in his attempts to woo her and eventually moved off, ditching him to move toward her den. There, the lioness revealed her new litter of cubs, a trio of healthy babies. They played on their mother for sometime before she settled down for a rest. The cubs did likewise and they fell asleep together.


The four Birmingham Boys drinking, feeding, and sleeping near the kill. Screenshot: gecko, safariLIVE, Djuma.

Birmingham Boys


Aug 26-27

We found three of the boys feasting on a buffalo carcass west of Quarantine, slowly tearing into it while taking breaks to sleep. The next day, they were still there, doing much the same, but the fourth boy was discovered nearby, lapping at a puddle of water. They didn’t appear to be in a hurry to leave the area anytime soon.

The Sausage Pride lioness clutching her kill. Screenshot: Vee, safariLIVE, Masai Mara.

Sausage Tree Pride

Aug 29

A lone Sausage Pride lioness was spotted near the bridge on the main road. She looked very hungry and vomited once. A herd of zebra and wildebeest began moving through the bush, catching the female’s attention. The lioness crept into a corridor in the thicket and watched the herd before carefully selected her prey: a wildebeest. She then burst from the thicket, tackled the wildebeest and killed it. The lioness guarded her kill as she began to eat bits of the carcass.


One of the lionesses stalks after a wildebeest. Screenshot credit: James, safariLIVE, Masai Mara.

Angama Pride


Aug 30

 We found a pair of Angama lionesses stalking through the plains near the main road in the early hours of the morning. They began a hunt of some nearby wildebeest but their hunt was foiled by cubs. They nevertheless continued to hunt but we unfortunately lost them as they disappeared into dense bush.

The pair of lionesses stalk mere inches from a wildebeest. Screenshot credit: Bill, safariLIVE, Masai Mara.


Aug 31  

We found a pair of lionesses on the side of the road, as herds of wildebeest moved around them. They rested for sometime before a wildebeest tried to cross the road nearby them. They stalked it as it crossed only inches away them, but it managed to escape unharmed. The two then resettled themselves and rested for sometime before one of the pair moved off into the grass. The other stayed put on the road. Sometime later several wildebeest came stampeding past her and she charged after one. The wildebeest fled but lost its footing and tripped. However, it managed to right itself and outpaced the lioness, fleeing back across the road and leaving the lioness in the dust. Moments later the pair reunited and later went on the hunt and we lost them for sometime, before discovering them with a fresh wildebeest kill later.