(Shadow’s lovely face staring intently from amidst the bush. Photo Credit: Furry Booplesnoot, safariLIVE, Djuma)



Sept 24

We found Shadow at Treehouse Dam, where the elusive cat was sleeping on a termite burrow. Shadow then awoke and spotted a warthog passing by. The leopard gave chase but the wartie managed to outrun her and disappeared into it’s burrow. Shadow dug at the burrow’s entrance but gave up after a while.


Sept 25

Shadow was once again at Treehouse Dam with her cub. The two were drinking from a watering hole before Shadow began to guide her cub toward a nearby steenbok kill. Unfortunately, we lost sight of them in the bush.


Sept 26

We found Shadow again today at Weaver’s nest junction. She was with her cub and they looked quite relaxed as they groomed each other.

(Thamba curled up in the grass, trying to get warm on a cold day. Photo Credit: Nature Geek, safariLIVE, Djuma)



Sept 24

We found Thamba at Milwati on quite a cold day. He was lying flat in the grass, trying to get warm amidst the chilly weather. We left him to sleep and relax.

(Hosana lying among the bush, sheltering himself from some cold weather. Photo Credit: Lisa, safariLIVE, Djuma)



Sept 24

We found Hosana at Twin Dams on a cold morning. He was sleeping, occasionally raising his head and glancing about, as he tried to keep warm with the chilly weather.

(Kuchava lying among the long grass, almost camouflaged from sight. Photo Credit: MaryAnn, safariLIVE, Chitwa Chitwa)



Sept 26

We found Kuchava flat in the long grass. She was almost perfectly camouflaged from sight and didn’t choose to rise despite our presence. It appeared she had recently pounced on a duiker but merely chose to lie next to her kill for the moment as opposed to eating it.  


Sept 27

We found Kuchava again at Chitwa chitwa, where she was lounging in a tree with a duiker kill. She appeared to have stopped estrous, so hopefully she is pregnant with Tingana’s babies.

(The Styx Pride with cubs, all grooming themselves in the evening light. Photo Credit: Nicci, safariLIVE, Djuma)

Styx Pride


Sept 25

We found the Styx Pride lying in the bush in the evening sunlight. Six cubs surrounded one female, as they were furiously grooming themselves. The cubs, unfortunately, still had mange and it appeared to have grown a bit worse since their last sighting.


(The Agama lionesses resting with their cubs. Photo Credit: Patricia, safariLIVE, Maasai Mara)

Angama Pride


Sept 26

We found a group of Angama lionesses with a large number of cubs. The lionesses were hunting topi but after some time of stalking them they appeared to lose interest. The topi soon ran off and the group went flat.


Sept 27

We found the pride again off the main road. Most of them were lying flat but the cubs were enjoying a fun game of tug of war.

(The Paradise Pride lionesses resting on the bank. Photo Credit: Ann, safariLIVE, Maasai Mara)

Paradise Pride


Sept 28

We found a group of Paradise lionesses resting on the banks of the Main South Crossing. They were very relaxed and simply chose to lie flat as we observed them.