Hosana looking quite dignified as he relaxes in the brush. Photo Credit: Sara, safariLIVE, Sabi Sands.


Sept 9

We found Hosana near Treehouse Dam in the early hours of the morning. He was quite relaxed and was feeding off an old kill he had made. We watched him for sometime but he didn’t appear to be doing much, so we left him to enjoy his peaceful morning.


Sept 12

We found Hosana again at Chitwa Dam, with a fresh scrub hare kill in his jaws. Hosana decided to play with his food instead of eating, however, and seemed to be having fun using the carcass as a toy. He almost used it as a pillow at one point but decided against it at the last minute. Afterwards, he finally began to pluck hair from the kill and eat his dinner.

Mvula lounging on a rock amongst the long grass. Photo Credit: James, safariLIVE, Sabi Sands.


Sept 13

We found this old cat in Sydney’s Dam area, in a very relaxed state. He watched his surroundings, but didn’t do much otherwise, simply seeming content to rest and observe. It was a pleasure to see Mvula, even if he decided to just rest in front of us.

Thamba and Hosana facing off. Photo Credit: MaryAnn, safariLIVE, Sabi Sands.


Sept 13

We found Thamba at Twin Dams, in close proximity to Hosana, who was also patrolling the area. The two young leopards kept their distance at first, sizing each other up, before Thamba began walking toward Hosana. Hosana began growling as Thamba got close and the two leopards began salivating and baring their teeth at each other, face to face. They squared off for a brief period, neither being too aggressive but neither being too submissive either. Thamba eventually adopted a submissive pose, signaling to Hosana that he wasn’t a threat and backed off.

One of the cubs climbs on its mother, hoping for milk. Photo Credit: Ann, safariLIVE, Sabi Sands.


Sept 14

We found the Nkuhuma pride at Mvubu Road around the Firebreak Junction. The youngest cubs were walking around with mom, climbing on her and playing with each other as the mom tried to rest. The rest of the pride was laying in the shade, sleeping. The little cubs looked healthy and seemed to be developing quite well.


The mating pair of Sausage lions striding together. Photo Credit: Joy, safariLIVE, Maasai Mara.


Sept 11

We found a large group of Sausage Tree lions a ways off the main road, with two males and five females composing the group. One pair was a mating pair, who stuck close to each other. The group had a zebra kill, which they stayed in close proximity to but only one lioness was feeding on it. We noticed one of the males had a bad wound in his leg, perhaps from a scuffle with a rival.

The cubs sitting together, alert and watchful of their surroundings. Photo Credit: MaryAnn, safariLIVE, Maasai Mara.


Sept 12

We found a group of cubs with their father in a wooded area off of the main road. The cubs were in a playful mood, play fighting with each other under the watchful eye of their father. The father was resting and was alert to his surroundings, no doubt keeping a watchful eye out for threats as his cubs played happily.

Scarface lying flat in the long grass. Photo Credit: Edward, safariLIVE, Maasai Mara.


Sept 13

We found Scarface relaxing in the long grass off of the main road, looking in a lazy mood. He looked up intermittently but didn’t get up and was clearly not going to move anytime soon. We found it a pleasure to see him nonetheless.