In an earlier blog we announced some upcoming changes for the Sabi Sands. While our plans and intents have not changed, we were unfortunately not able to implement these in within the timelines given in that post. Therefore it is (beyond) high time for an update.

A couple of weeks ago we installed the broadcast repeater at Chitwa and it is now operational, providing wider coverage of Chitwa Chitwa. This also allows more reliable broadcasting from Chitwa Dam. The Gowrie repeater upgrade is currently planned for October.

Behind the scenes, we have started discussions on extended traversing but this is a slow and complicated matter with so many properties and land owners involved. All we can say at this time is that we are working on it. We promise to let you know of progress and developments as soon as we can.

The new Djuma cam is on order and is expected to arrive in South Africa in late September and it will be installed in early October.

Finally, some of you have expressed concerns about us winding down operations in the Sabi Sands. Rest assured that this is not the case. Djuma and the Sabi Sands will always remain a crucial part of WildEarth’s operations and broadcasts.