The new waterhole camera for Djuma has finally landed in South Africa and next week Peter will go to the Sabi Sands to install it. He will be working on this with Jared Jennings, who recently joined our tech support there. If all goes as planned the new camera, as well as its new audio system, will be up and running by Thursday.

The news about the Arathusa camera is unfortunately not as good. As many of you know, this camera has been off and on a lot, and for some time it has been without audio. There have been various issues with the camera itself but also with keeping the link from Arathusa up and running. As we are taking all our equipment from Arathusa we have therefore decided to also remove this camera from operation.  If the camera itself can be fixed it might be deployed from a different location in the future but at this point in time there are no concrete plans for this.  The Arathusa camera will be shut down next week Tuesday.

We apologise for this loss to its avid followers but hope the new and improved Djuma camera will provide a good alternative.