My Jackal Dilemma

Watching jackals in the wild evokes unexpected feelings. They are an underdog in an environment full of larger, more ferocious animals; they are energetic; they are cute. But above all, they remind me of man’s best friend- the domesticated canine. I think it’s because of this that when I see jackals onscreen they seem [...]

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My camp and other animals: Ribbon the rubbish robber

“I must not wake them. If they wake, I am sure to be chased… Oooh, flip-flops!” I often wonder if these are the thoughts that rush through Ribbon’s head on her nightly stalks of the Djuma Research Camp (DRC.) With the security of darkness and ingrained genetic knowledge of human sleeping habits, she is [...]

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November Time Change

Summer has arrived in the Sabi Sands, South Africa and WE are adapting to the rhythm of the animals once again. It started with our unscheduled broadcasts earlier in the year from Kenya, and now WE are further adapting our scheduled shows to better align with nature’s rhythm. As the names would suggest, sunrise [...]

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The Cat Report: Nov 3-10

SABI SAND (Resting while keeping a lookout, Screenshot Credit: Gabi Hossain, safariLIVE, Chitwa Chitwa) KUCHAVA November 3 There haven’t been many sightings of Kuchava on SafariLIVE lately, but her presence is nevertheless a force to be reckoned with. When WE met up with Kuchava she was scent marking, [...]

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Last week we had a particularly intense sighting that left some of you with a bad taste in your mouth. Because WildEarth values transparency and respects the opinions of its viewers, we want to revisit what happened when we encountered a pride of lions digging out and subsequently killing a warthog. When Brent arrived [...]

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WE welcome Noelle as a new presenter at safariLIVE

Noelle may have begun her life in the Northeast of the United States, but she has always lived her life in the out-of-doors. She spent her childhood playing outside, exploring the fields around her house and going on hikes. These early experiences shaped the way Noelle interacts with the world to this day: “If [...]

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The Cat Report: Oct 27 – Nov 3

SABI SAND (Nkuhuma cub takes break from eating, Screenshot Credit: Anna McDougald, safariLIVE, Chitwa) NKUHUMA PRIDE Oct 28 It’s always a treat to see this well-loved pride and today was no different. When WE arrived the cubs were being lead to a recent kill to feed; the youngsters, [...]

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The Tranquility of the Bush

So often when we ponder the lives of wild animals we do so in a way that unduly emphasizes the aspects of nature that are harsh and unyielding. And while nature can seem uncomfortably reminiscent of a ruthless amphitheater full of premature death and hardships, it is not always so: Nature can be unwittingly [...]

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