(Screenshot credit: Paul)


November  24

A side-striped jackal taunted Thamba on the airstrip, whose focus remained on a nearby impala herd.

(Screenshot credit: Tony Dalton)

Investec Pack of Wild Dogs

November  30

The pack flushed out an impala lamb but were interrupted by the appearance of Mvula who ran in and tried to make off with a piece of the meat. The dogs regrouped quickly and chased the opportunistic leopard up a tree.

(Screenshot credit: Debbie Vancouver)


November 30

Mvula took his chances on stealing some of the Investec Pack’s impala kill. While the dogs scattered at first they quickly regrouped and the leopard made a dash up the nearest tree.


(Screenshot credit: Levloveleve Bklyn)

Imani Female Cheetah

November  25

The cheetah stalked a Thomson’s gazelle but was unsuccessful.

(Screenshot credit: Lily Brown)

Marsh Breakaway Pride

November 26

One of the Marsh Pride lionesses all alone and calling out for the rest of her pride. Jamie was unsure of her reasons of solitude but suggested she had either returned from mating or was currently in oestrus.

(Screenshot credit: Lily Brown)

Angama Pride

November 28

Jamie found the pride attempting to dig up a warthog in the last rays of light on sunset safari.