(Amber Eyes and Nhena sitting together, Photo Credit: Michael Fleetwood, safariLIVE, Djuma).

Jan 20

Amber Eyes and Nhena were found together, both of them longuing near the road. They were preparing to mate, with Nhena watching Amber Eye’s mood carefully as he waited for the right moment. They then mated briefly and Amber Eyes rolled onto her back afterwards, Nhena letting her have her space.

Jan 21

The two were found again near their first location, flat on a wall. They were still mating and did so several times. Then they went flat again afterwards.

Jan 26

The pride was found early in the morning, their numbers divided in two locations. Lionesses and cubs were lying together flat in Gowrie cut line, lounging in the road. Three others were near Thandi, south of her on Drakensburg Road, making Thandi nervous with their presence but she didn’t meet them. One of the lionesses near Thandi has a wound in her head, a possible claw wound. All members of the pride looked quite hungry.

(Thandi lying flat on a log, Photo Credit: Tricky Kid, safariLIVE, Djuma).

Jan 22

Thandi was found on the hunt, patrolling across the grassy landscape. Her cub wasn’t with her. She ventured on for sometime, before turning back. Approaching her den site, she made several calls. Her daughter then came racing out of the foliage and reunited with her mom in a very cute display.

Jan 26

Thandi was flat in a tree, with two kills with her: a waterbuck and a duiker. She sat there longing before some alarms calls echoed through the foliage near her. She was thus alerted to the fact that three members of the Nkuhuma Pride was nearby but stayed put in her tree and did not encounter them.

(Hosana in the tree with a full belly, Photo Credit: Ann, safariLIVE, Djuma).

(The young female scent marking on a tree, Photo Credit: Elizabeth, safariLIVE, Djuma).

Jan 23

Hosana was found high up in a tree with a fresh kill. He proceeded to eat his kill, gaining a full belly in the process. He then relaxed on the tree in the sun as he digested the food. He appeared to be wanting to get down as the sun set but decided against it and went back to be flat on the branch.

Jan 25

An unknown female was spotted entering Shadow’s territory. The female was scent marking and seemed interested in moving in, possibly signaling she wanted to take over the area. She walked along the road doing so for sometime before disappearing into the bush. It will be interesting to watch this newcomer, since she appears to be challenging Shadow.


(One of the pride members climbing down a tree, Photo Credit: 30 Minute Fitness, safariLIVE, Maasai Mara).

Jan 24

A few members of the Oloololo Pride were found lazing around a tree in the early morning. A few of them decided to abandon the ground and climbed into the tree. They lazed around in the branches for quite some time, before one of the males slowly (and carefully) climbed down and sauntered off.


(Two Marsh Breakaway cubs lying in the road, covered in mud, Photo Credit: Mary Ann, safariLIVE, Maasai Mara).

Jan 25

Three adults and several cubs were found near the road. The cubs were lounging around, soaked in mud. The pride began to stalk a few warthogs who were foraging near them. The adults got close, spreading out around the pigs to try and trap them in. They waited in silence for a few minutes, the warthogs getting closer and closer. Then one of the lionesses sprang from a lugga as the warthogs passed by her, lunging for the animal. The warthog fled, the lioness in hot pursuit. One of the cubs attempted to chase the warthog too, acting on hunting instinct, but the warthog managed to outrun its pursuers. The pride was left standing around, disappointed with the loss of their prey.