(Hosana standing tall on a termite mound, Photo Credit: James Richard, safariLIVE, Djuma).

Jan 31

Hosana was found in the same area he had his duiker kill. He stalked after a hyena who entered into his territory, but seemed to grow bored after a bit and left the patrolling hyena alone. He then climbed back up his tree and continued to feed on the duiker.

Feb 1
Hosana was found again on a termite mound, where he stood tall on it for sometime before clambering down. Hosana moved off, disappearing into the brush and was lost from sight.


(Thandi sniffing her cub as they walk along, Photo Credit: Ann, safariLIVE, Djuma).

Jan 29

Thandi was found walking with her little cub through the brush. Her cub, as usual, was a bit slower than her mom, wanting to attack scenery or lagging behind. Thandi seemed a bit insistent that her cub move a long this time, shoving her a bit with her nose and constantly checking her with sniffs.


(Several of the Nkuhumas sleeping together, Photo Credit: 30 minute Fitness, safariLIVE, Djuma).

Jan 30

The Nkuhumas were found a ways out of their territory and into Styx territory. They were being very quiet, sneaking around cautiously. They briefly stopped to drink some water before moving on. They were possibly following a buffalo herd but didn’t encounter any as they snuck about.

Feb 1

Amber Eyes and Nhena were found laying together in a road, soaking up early morning sun rays. Nhena attempted to sniff Amber eyes but the lioness snarled at him and he backed off, perhaps signaling she didn’t want to mate further.


(Tinyo contemplating how to leap into a tree, Photo Credit: David, safariLIVE, Djuma).

Jan 27

Tinyo was found lumbering through Thandi’s territory, sniffing the air as he honed in on Thandi’s kill resting in a tree. He at first passed by it, but then returned later. Tinyo slinked under the tree for a few moments, bobbing up and down, looking prepared to jump. He then did so, ungracefully clambering into the tree. He grabbed the carcass and jumped to the ground with it, having claimed the prize.

Jan 31

Tinyo was found again, lying on the Vuyatela dam wall. He rested there for sometime before he jumped off and moved onto Twin Dams Road. He looked a bit skinny, but otherwise seemed in good condition. He wandered down the road for a while before crossing south into Little Gowrie.

Tinyo was found later in the day, this time with a cub. The cub was playing with Tinyo, pouncing on him and biting his ear. Tinyo was very relaxed with it, easily putting up with the cub’s antics, showing him as quite a good family guy. The rest of the pride was on the move, with all five females present including Amber Eyes. They drank from a pan and then went flat for a long while before getting up again.


(The new male standing tall under a fallen tree, Photo Credit: James Richard, safariLIVE, Djuma).

Jan 30

A mysterious Hukumari Male appeared in Thandi’s territory; it was the second time this individual has appeared here. The male was sniffing around, possibly on the trail of Thandi and her cub. He seemed quite intent as he prowled about and was salivating intensely, a clear sign he was ready to fight. He did not come into conflict with Thandi and her cub and eventually settled down on a termite mound, still looking quite intense.



(A member of the Oloololo Pride seated on a termite mound, Photo Credit: 30 Minute Fitness, safariLIVE, Maasai Mara).

Jan 28

A massive group of lions of the Oloololo Pride (seventeen to be exact) were found facing off with a herd of buffalo. They appeared to want to get at them, but kept their distance as the buffalo too densely packed and well defended to attack. The buffalo made some mock charges, and while the lions didn’t back down initially, they eventually relented and retreated.