It’s been a bittersweet week at the Pond. Happiness about the long-awaited return of one of the world’s most popular waterhole cameras, mixed in with frustration that it did not match the quality that Pondies had gotten used to. Over the past couple of days we have pushed the camera to its limits and utilised all the tricks we have in our arsenal to make it the best it could be.  In the end the combination of a somewhat less able cam and limited bandwidth availability at the Pond proved just too much to overcome. This even with the dome removed which puts the electronics at risk from the weather.
We have of course noted the growing level of discontent and have received many a passionate plea to do something about it. We do value greatly the underlying Pondie passion these messages show, as well as the continued support for what we do in general. If only it could please be ‘not with this #$@% camera!’.
Well, we’ve heard you, loud and clear, and we must agree; it’s currently just not good enough! We have therefore decided it can’t continue like this and ask that you give us a couple of days to work out a plan for fixing the situation. We’re developing some ideas and might also call on you to help us. Above all though, a solution must be found! In the mean time and as a start we’ve already requested a bandwidth upgrade to make the most of the cam for the period it still is there. The timing of the bandwidth upgrade will depend on the service provider but we are pushing to get it active by the end of next week.
Bear with us, we will post a follow up with concrete plans by Monday.
And, as always, thank you for your passion and continued support and apologise for the frustration the current cam brings!