Hello again,

A quick update with some good news.

The new Equipment Housing has arrived and we are pressure testing it at depth today before putting the broadcast equipment in. This housing also has a pressure gauge and can be pulled vacuum which means we can test whether it is properly sealed with no leaks BEFORE getting into the water. This will make all our lives a lot easier and dives less stressful for Alex in particular.

We are aiming to go live tomorrow morning around 11 AM Grand Cayman time. We still need one final piece of gear from Fedex but that is arriving on the island today. We will update you tomorrow morning with whether we’ll see you on dive, as well as if we hit any other unforeseen snags. But for now, it looks good!

Also, the new, smaller, mask has been tested and fits both Lauren and Simone. They are keen to test it out LIVE with you. So look out for them on the next dives.

See you soon!

the diveLIVE team