diveLIVE: Beta update 9 May

Victory has been snatched from our dedicated Grand Cayman team as yet more technical gremlins endeavour to wield their mischief on our underwater gear. For those who got to watch last night’s dive, you would have experienced a rather abrupt end to it after Pat lost comms. Well, what was really happening behind the [...]

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Maintaining an Icon

safariLIVE has been fortunate enough to showcase some of the most extraordinary wilderness areas on the planet, one of which is the Maasai Mara in Kenya. While WE have been filming spectacular scenes of cheetah chasing down antelope or hordes of wildebeest throwing themselves across the Mara River, the beauty and splendour has often [...]

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Directing 101: My first experience in a broadcast control room

“Five, four, three, two, one… live, live!” - the words instantly release a tiny dose of adrenaline which runs through my body. No retakes, no fixing in post and editing; just this moment right here, captured on camera, sent straight to thousands of viewers. Still the only words in four years of filmmaking that [...]

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