Cricket on Quarantine clearings

If you’ve ever been to Sri Lanka you’ll know that cricket is no small matter. Any open space big enough to be a pitch is an opportunity for a game; from open parks, to dusty streets or cobbled alleyways, both young and old will gather for a game. All that’s needed is any old [...]

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Crazy Crustacean Queen

We all know the term ‘Crazy Cat Lady’, but have we heard of the Crazy Crustacean Queen? My self-appointed title has been brought to the foreground as the amount of invertebrates on the Caymanian reefs has blown me away. Invertebrates include any animal without a backbone, from wriggly worms to the flamboyant octopus and make [...]

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The Cat Report: 16 – 23 June

It’s been a slightly quiet on the cat front in Djuma, however we were treated to sightings of all three large cat species! The ever-peripatetic cheetah family crossed over from the west, pondering the possibility of a meal on Djuma. The cubs cajoled and frolicked while mom kept a watchful eye. Unfortunately meals seemed [...]

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World Turtle Day

Turtles: Are they really the coolest surfers in the sea? Last month we celebrated World Turtle Day on the 23rd of May; an awareness day that many probably don’t know exists. So why should we celebrate this day every year, or should I say ‘shellebrate’? This special day was devoted to both tortoises and turtles, [...]

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The Cat Report 9 – 16 June

I’m sitting in my room sipping down on a smoothie and trying to figure out what to write for this week’s Cat Report. However I find myself getting distracted, the vervet monkeys are unimpressed with something in the distance… Then the squirrels and finally the francolins start alarming. My immediate thought is that there [...]

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My Iguana Neighbour

Growing up, the movie Jurassic Park scared the living daylights out of me! Not only the questionable topless scene of Jeff Goldblum, but the possibility of prehistoric creatures eating me or my puppy. Fast forward to present day and my irrational fear may have increased since I find myself wandering the island with large prehistoric [...]

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Coffee mugs can save the environment

I was not taught about picking up after myself at school, my mother did that; and I thought it was universal. It stayed with me all the way through childhood. In fact, I think it was the first element of taking care of myself and my surroundings that I learned and took to heart. That [...]

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Learning to dive, when you ain’t got fins

  I was not born to swim - indeed my skill in the water thus far can be likened to that of driftwood i.e. able to float but poor at moving in one direction with any efficacy. So it was with some trepidation that I learned from the Madman for whom I work that I [...]

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