Many of you, as long-time viewers of safariLIVE on the internet and TV will have noted how the storytelling on TV has evolved. Something we’ve learned over the years is that TV and internet remain very different ‘beasts’ which people watch in different ways and with different intent and intensity.

To adapt to this safariLIVE on TV has evolved from what was basically a LIVE internet game drive to the more polished narration of recent series which combined LIVE with recorded content to share and tell the animals’ stories in the best possible way for TV. safariLIVE: The Gauntlet will continue to build on this and will combine captivating LIVE with engaging backstories in the form of both edited and ‘as-live’ sequences to capture the TV audiences attention right off the bat and throughout the full hour of the show. ‘As-live’ sequences are a special form of recorded content where the guide speaks to camera in one take without edited cuts.

The second hour, following the TV shows, will be digital-only and revert to the 100% LIVE format you will be more used to. For those of you watching on-line this different ‘language’ during TV broadcasts might take some getting used to, but bear with us as we try to navigate this gauntlet of our own in trying to make safariLIVE the best it can be for each audience in turn.

We’re excited to once again be able to bring the best of Africa into the homes of viewers in the US and around the world.  It’s an experience like no other.

See you on Safari!