safariLIVE: The Gauntlet – Rehearsals round 5

No one can deny that episode two of safariLIVE: The Gauntlet was an outstanding production and possibly the best of our live televised safari experiences to date! The highly anticipated re-addition of the Mara was an unbelievable success, the crew are thrilled that we get to share it with you all once again. We [...]

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Save the date: Join a WildEarth Expedition to Djuma

The Djuma visit reward offered as part of diveLIVE sold out in a couple of hours and left many who missed out disappointed. This made us think about ways to make it possible for more of our viewers to come visit us. The answer we've found is called 'WildEarth Expeditions'. WildEarth Expeditions are trips [...]

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safariLIVE: The Gauntlet – North Clan

The more inhuman an animal gets, the more trouble we have with empathizing with them. Apes and monkeys look very similar to us, so we have an easier time accepting them as living beings capable of expressing emotions similar to ours. But the further away animals get from a humanoid look, the more trouble [...]

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Creature Feature: The Little Lizards

Lizards, in the Mara, tend to be looked over for the most part. Often too small to be really noticed by most explorers, they can only really be seen by paying attention to the smaller natural world. Often, this is easier said than done, these small reptiles are very good at hiding and scurry [...]

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safariLIVE: The Gauntlet – Rehearsals round 4

After a hugely successful debut of safariLIVE: The Gauntlet, the crew is more excited than ever to bring you episode two this week! Yet that is not the only exciting news we have. For the first time in five months we are able to go LIVE from the Mara once again! Meaning that you’ll [...]

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