The iconic, lionine Tayla McCurdy will be roaring her last for safariLIVE. After two unforgettable years with WildEarth she has decided it’s time to change up her territory and move on from safariLIVE. Ever energetic and constantly on the move, Tayla is venturing forth to pursue her own ambitious dreams.

She has without doubt been an exceptional live TV guide, she’s had us roaring with laughter, white-knuckled with suspense and tugged on our heartstrings. Her one of a kind, absolutely hilarious commentary will be sorely missed as will her vast, intimate knowledge of the animals and their behaviour.

Tayla has embossed herself on the hearts of everyone who follows safariLIVE, she has also become a true part of the WildEarth “family,” both crew and viewers alike are devastated at her decision to leave. Although this is incredibly sad news we will still have her side-splitting antics for the next while. As with anything, goodbye doesn’t necessarily mean forever.

Tayla, we will miss your dazzling personality and sincerely wish you only the best for your future endeavours. May you always feel the love and support you have flowing to you from us here at WildEarth as well as from all the lives you touched and changed for the better across the world.