Fewer cats have more charm than Hosana. The son of Karula, “the Little Chief” has quickly become one of the most beloved leopards that resides in the Sabi Sands. He is always displaying behaviour that gives the audience a good look at his character. He sulks when he loses kills, he displays fear and curiosity around other cats or predators, and he is often comical, especially the amusing expression he makes when lounging about.

Hosana is silly, to say the least. At one time he briefly became obsessed with hunting buffalo like they were a typical meal option for a leopard of his size. He almost seemed overconfident, puffing out his chest and engaging in a strut as he marched after the buffalo through the trees. Of course, he never succeeded but his antics have inspired much laughter from onlookers, his personality shining through his every action.

Of course, Hosana is hardly incompetent. Among the leopard characters, he’s been hugely successful, especially considering his mother died when he was just a year old, and his sister soon afterward that. While there was a time when Hosana’s future seemed uncertain at a young age, right now he is thriving. When Djuma experienced a wide drought, Hosana avoided the problems that plagued the other characters. He seemed his unusually goofy, happy self as he wandered through the dried out woodland. One almost gets the sense Hosana is thinking ‘What, me worry?’ as he bumbles his way about.

Hosana, despite all his quirks, seems to have set his eye on becoming the next duke of Djuma. It’s perhaps not easy to imagine at the moment, with most continuing to see Hosana as a lovable cub but it’s hard to deny how successful he has been despite all the obstacles thrown in his way. As he has continued to mature he has retained the quirky personality that sets him apart from his leopard counterparts.

Hosana has only grown better at mastering the rules of Sabi Sands as he grows up, living up to the meaning of his name, “Little Chief”. While the perils of adult leopard life haven’t avoided him, he’s been blessed with incredible tenacity and luck, helping him survive out on his own. One day, Hosana may be the top cat but for now, he continues to grow and turn the Sabi Sands on its head with his own brand of silliness.


Written by: Jake McDaniel

Featured image by: Geraldine Kent