Wium “The Wildebeest” Dornbrack will be saying goodbye to safariLIVE on the 4th of October. Wium started off as cameraman for safariLIVE almost four years ago in November 2014. Since then he has had some truly amazing adventures with the safariLIVE family.

Not much is known about the mysterious Wildebeest other than his world class camera work, but here is a little insight into the man behind the camera:

Dr Frankenstein himself would be proud and amazed by Wium’s ability to create working cameras out of various broken bits and bobs, never mind the hydrogen cell he built and installed himself into his own car. His impressive redesign and total facelift of his very own camper trailer would make the cast and crew of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” exceptionally envious.

MacGyver would be intimidated by Wium’s propensity to bush fix any technical or mechanical mishap that presents itself in the wild. There is nothing that can’t be fixed with some gaffer tape or a few cable ties in Wium’s opinion. Aside from his engineering genius and technical know how, Wium has also made massive improvements to the DRC living space. He’s installed fairy lights to give our evenings elegant ambiance, power points in the main section of camp so laptops can be used in the cool of the outside on warm summer days and of course, the invention of the wildly popular goblet of fire!

Of course it would be remiss to not comment on his outstanding camera work. It seems Wium almost has a connection with the animals, seemingly being able to predict what they will do and where they will go. This is particularly evident when he’s filming his favourite of all the mammals, big cats and specifically leopards. His hilarious reactions to sightings that bore him will be missed by viewers and FC alike.

There is so much to be be said about Wium and not enough words to do him justice. Wium, you have been a truly remarkable member of the WildEarth family and safariLIVE crew. We are going to miss not only your incredible camera work and technical wizardry but also your hilarious jokes and one-liners that come out of nowhere, totally blindsiding us and bringing us to tears of laughter. Your talent as the safariLIVE acapella trumpeter will never be topped and camp will seem oddly silent without you. WE all realise it is time for you to move on and pursue your own dreams and ambitions. Wherever it is you decide to migrate to, we wish you only the best of luck packaged in genuine love and friendship.

Van almal hier by safariLIVE, tot siens Wildebeest, dankie vir alles!