WildEarth and Africam have agreed to transfer the streaming and distribution of the Pete’s Pond cam at Mashatu and the camera at Kwa Maritane from WildEarth to Africam. Additionally, Africam will work with Tau Game Lodge to bring back that camera on their platform in the near future. The Djuma camera will continue to be operated and streamed by WildEarth.
As WildEarth’s focus has increasingly shifted to guide-led content, it has become increasingly difficult to support these three cameras in a proper and timely manner. At the same time, WildEarth did not want to stop support of them without finding a way to keep them running.  WildEarth and Africam have been competitors at times, but the companies share a common origin and are built on the same passion for bringing the beauty of nature into people’s homes, live, as it happens.
Africam was, therefore, a natural first choice when looking for someone to take good care of the cameras and the community. When Africam was approached, they immediately opened their arms and agreed to step in. This, interestingly, means that the Tau and Kwa locations come full circle. They first appeared on Africam ages ago, as refreshing still image cams in the closing years of the previous century! After they went off-line for some years, they were then revived by WildEarth seven to eight years ago, only to now return to Africam again…
There will be an intermediate phase in the transfer where the cameras will be streamed directly to YouTube before being fully integrated into Africam’s web presence. This will guarantee that there will be no interruption in streaming and availability of a place to chat. When Pete’s Pond (next week) and Tau (soon) will come back it will be under Africam’s umbrella. The streaming of Kwa will be handed over to Africam at the time Pete’s Pond comes back online too.
Behind the scenes, WildEarth and Africam will be working with the zoomies and moderators to guide them through this transfer in a proper way as well.
More detailed info, including links to any new pages or YouTube channels, will be posted in the coming days on WildEarth’s and Africam’s Facebook pages and the WildEarth website.
We appreciate this announcement will come as a surprise to many and will take some adjustment. However, both WildEarth and Africam believe that first and foremost this is in the interest of the large and loyal viewing community and are confident this change will help guarantee that these cameras can be continued to be enjoyed by so many for years to come.