We have heard your concerns regarding the cancellation of the Sunrise Safari and have listened to them.

As a result, we’ve put our heads together to see if we could find a way that we could continue to meet our night time requirements while still bringing back the Sunrise drive and have managed to do so. Therefore, we  will be bringing back the three hour scheduled Sunrise Safari as of Monday, 15 April but in a slightly changed form..

The first hour of the Sunrise Safari will include the use of our thermal and infrared technologies, meaning every morning will be drone morning. Join us as we search from the skies for your favourite safariLIVE characters as well as other shy and nocturnal critters that may be out and about.

WE are both pleased and excited to be bringing back the Sunrise Safaris as a part of the safariLIVE experience. We hope you will join us all with your teas and coffees from next week Monday as we head out into the wild, under the cover of darkness.

Please see the safariLIVE schedule for your time zone below:

Sunrise Safari

Sunset Safari

Cover Image Credit: Conrad Van Deventer