As many of you will remember, we had to take a break from broadcasting from the Mara in the first half of last year. At that time we promised we would be back and did indeed return. Unfortunately, we have reached another point where we need to stop broadcasting from the Mara. As was the case last time, we are fully committed to, again, making this a temporary situation; to return to broadcasting from this magnificent piece of nature as soon as we can. However, at this point in time we do not yet know when that would be.

The past years of broadcasting from the Maasai Mara have been nothing short of awe inspiring, epic and totally amazing. WE have loved every moment and thank you for all the positive support and feedback from all corners of the world, it is clear you have enjoyed it as much as WE have.

The Sunset safari on Wednesday May 8th, 2019 will – for now – be our last LIVE broadcast from the Mara. We remain 100% committed to the Mara and to returning. Therefore, The camp WE built will remain in place and ready to be reopened when that time comes. We are in positive discussions with the Narok County Government to, once again, help make this possible.

Of course our daily safariLIVE broadcasts will continue from the Sabi Sands in South Africa as normal.

A BIG thank you to all our friends and partners in the Mara and in particular: the Narok County Government, the Mara Conservancy, and Angama Mara.

safariLIVE will be back from the Maasai Mara…