In the coming weeks, 12 people will be leaving WildEarth. Guides Sydney and Pat, and cameramen Senzo and Craig will be among those.

These departures follow from changes we are required to make ‘under the hood’ to ensure WildEarth will continue to be able to bring you great LIVE wildlife experiences. As the environment in which WE and our clients operate continues to change, we need to make regular adjustments to the way we operate in order to survive and thrive. Since we started this venture in 2007, we’ve seen various such changes – and have weathered many a storm successfully – and we plan to continue to ride these winds of change into the future. There are some very exciting projects ‘in the pipeline’ for our LIVE safaris as well as for LIVE ocean broadcasts, but as most are still in their early stages, we will have to tighten our belt a notch or two until these start to come to fruition.

We are sad to have to say goodbye to Sydney and Pat as they both, each in their own way, brought a unique and personal perspective to safariLIVE. We wish them all the best and much success with whichever new adventures that might cross their paths. The same goes, of course, for Senzo and Craig. They’ve brought you great visuals from both the Mara and Djuma over the past couple of years and their contributions will be missed. WE also extend our heartfelt gratitude to the other crew leaving us that you may not know as well but were just as important to our mission.

We would like to express our gratitude for the hard work and contributions from all who are leaving, which made it possible to share the beauty of nature and its wildlife with all of you.