As it stands today, with 8 days left of the campaign we have already reached well over three times our initial target amount. This is beyond any of our thoughts and dreams which I am sure a lot of you agree. We are all truly blessed to have such a loyal and passionate community that WE can call family.

Our message to you today is that all of you are critical in keeping WildEarth going. Whether you contributed $200 or $1 or sent out a tweet or a suggestion, nobody is more valuable than anyone else.

WE understand that many people cannot afford to contribute money and have instead used their valuable time by sending emails and tweets to people and companies who possibly can fund the ongoing broadcasts from WildEarth. This is wonderful, we love it when everybody helps in whatever way they can.

The WildEarth Club was set up to help us develop this new model but it does not exclude anyone from being involved in making suggestions and giving us feedback and, of course, from watching the content. The money coming in from the Founder Members helps in giving us the time to keep our content on-air whilst we transition to a more viable concept.

WE are so happy that so many of you have rallied together to help in such a variety of different ways and hopefully together with new ideas, contacts and extra money we can create a sustainable operation for the future.