As the current pan next to Gowrie dam is using a lot of precious water to keep filled, Djuma has decided to build a new permanent pan next to it. Once the new pan is in place, the current one will no longer be pumped and thus become seasonal, just as the main dam and the new pan will then become the permanent water source. This new pan will be similar to the one in front of Galago lodge that is regularly seen on the safaris and will have a solid base. This will prevent much of the pumped water seeping away as it currently does, and thus help conserve this precious resource.

Work on the construction of the new pan is expected to take three days, and run from Wednesday, October 2nd to Friday, October 4th. During the hours that construction is taking place, the dam cam will be switched off. (Wed: 10:00 – 16:00 CAT, Thu/Fri: 07:00 – 16:00 CAT) Outside of those hours, it will be publicly streamed as normal.

The position of our camera has been kept in mind while deciding where to put the new pan, so once it is in place we can continue to enjoy the sights and sounds of Djuma.