We still have 9 days left of this campaign and as Graham said we are completely overwhelmed by the love and support from our WE family. In this update, we want to explain a little more about the WildEarth Club that WE are building and why WE are striving to get as many members as WE can. As I am sure most of you know by now that our business model currently is not viable. WE are struggling to monetise our content and our costs are very high. However what WE do know and this has been proven by all the support over the last 48 hours, is that connecting people with nature through LIVE and interactive content helps people fall in love with nature which in turn encourages them to conserve it. Therefore we need to find a new way forward which enables us to do this in a sustainable and viable way.

One thing that WE recognise is that there are many WE supporters from all over the globe who are passionate nature lovers and through their various skills can help us develop a new and sustainable way forward to benefit everyone. These people form the base of our WildEarth Club which is integral for us to carry on sharing nature with the world.

Thank you to all of you who have joined the club. To date, we have 988 members which is unbelievable. WE believe that with all of these incredible people from all walks of life WE can together create a new and sustainable model for WildEarth to carry on forever.

WE want to try and get this number to at least 1500. This means we need another 512 members over the next 9 days.


If you know who anyone who you think could or should be part of creating and developing a new WildEarth, then please, please, ask them to join.


Together WE can do this!