Town hall #3: Our plans

Before going into the plans Graham answered some questions: Will James be back? We think and expect so. We will certainly continue to make him offers for guiding with us and hope he will take us up on those. The same goes for other guides and crew. [update: James has accepted freelance work in January, [...]

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Help us write a WildEarth book

As we move from safariLIVE back to our grassroots brand WildEarth, WE felt that it was an excellent time to produce a book which contains our best and most memorable sightings since we launched in 2007.  This book is different from a typical book, though because there will be many contributing authors! WE want you, [...]

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Town hall #2: Your suggestions

Before going into the goal of this meeting; discussing and providing feedback on the many suggestions made by members of our community, he reiterated why we at this time had to move towards employing people on a freelance basis. As WildEarth did and does not have committed revenue we had to go through a process [...]

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Graham to share more info about WildEarth and a new Club section.

Tomorrow, Thursday, November 14th at 19:00 CAT (17:00 GMT, noon EST, 9 AM PST) Graham will discuss some of the change that will occur in the coming days and weeks. He will speak about how we are going to carry on with WildEarth, and with daily safaris from Djuma. Rest assured this will not be [...]

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Town hall #1, Sunday, November 10th

The first town hall was well attended and throughout we had around 400 Founder Members present. The first part of the session was used to explain that WildEarth at various stages has been funded by either investors putting money in, or through licensing the rights to broadcast certain programs to TV networks. Since late [...]

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The Fondest Farewell to Jamie Paterson!

What an adventure it has been! Jamie joined the WildEarth family as a member of the safariLIVE guiding team in July 2015 and has since become not only a crew favourite but a favourite of all the viewers too. She stole our hearts from her interview drive in search of the Duke of Djuma [...]

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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!: WE can keep broadcasting!

'Thank you!' to all who have supported us during the campaign that ended yesterday. The response from the WildEarth community has been overwhelming and we are deeply grateful. Whether you contributed financially, sent us ideas, created awareness, or provided moral support, we appreciate it all! The hallmark of a strong community is that everyone helps [...]

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