Tomorrow, Thursday, November 14th at 19:00 CAT (17:00 GMT, noon EST, 9 AM PST) Graham will discuss some of the change that will occur in the coming days and weeks. He will speak about how we are going to carry on with WildEarth, and with daily safaris from Djuma. Rest assured this will not be a bad news broadcast, but one focused on sharing how we will move into the future, and the first steps on that path.

As many of you will know we’ve done a first town hall session with those who purchased a Founder membership during the IndieGoGo campaign.  No doubt, you will also remember we promised to not only share information with this group but to keep everyone in the community informed as we reshape WildEarth.

To this end, we’ve decided that while Founder and Patron Members have helped start the Club, and played a large part in keeping our safaris going, and have earned some special perks, like access to LIVE town hall sessions, everyone who registers on should be a member of the Club and should have access to summaries of those discussions. We are all in this together! So, if you are registered already: Welcome to the Club! If not, go to, click on ‘login/register‘ in the top right and become a Member. Once you are logged into the site, you will see a ‘club‘ menu item appear that will lead you to the Club section of the site.

We do want to ask you for a favour, here. Some of the info shared in this section goes well beyond what companies normally share publicly and runs the risk of being misunderstood and creating unnecessary anxiety if shared out of context. We do however want to share this with you as from our perspective we are in this together and will come out together. We, therefore, so request that you do not copy and/or repost this anywhere else. We trust that we can rely on all of you in this regard!

So, check out the new Club section and be sure to tune in tomorrow, Thursday, to hear what Graham has to share.