The Cat Report is a 13-part series created by WildEarth. Each episode is 28 minutes long and features a host of your favourite animal characters from Djuma and The Maasai Mara. Presented by James Hendry, Jamie Paterson, Brent Leo Smith, Scott Dyson and Tristan Dicks, this series delves into the lives of the lions, leopards, cheetah and hyena that we have grown to know and love.

As of today, Saturday, December 14th, episode two is available. Don’t miss this incredible new episode where the saga of our favourite bush characters from Djuma and The Maasai Mara continues. Here is an idea of what it has in store:

The Duke of Djuma, Tingana remains unchallenged despite a crippling illness; North Clan is confronted with a rival clan of hyena’s invasion of their turf; the Owino Pride, a Sausage Tree Pride breakaway group, must also deal with the tide of invading hyenas while Kakenya the cheetah seems to have stopped lactating indicating tragedy has met her brood of five cubs.

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