Recently the COVID-19 novel coronavirus has meant that many across the world are confined to their homes. While this is frustrating and scary for all, it is especially difficult for the younger generations and those with children. That’s why WildEarth has created the Kids at Home initiative. As many of you will know we often dedicate the first 45 minutes of our Sunset Safaris to WildEarth Kids sessions and have hosted many institutions from schools and hospitals to camps and libraries. Yet as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these institutions have been temporarily closed, leaving many kids in isolation at home.

From today onward WildEarth will be dedicating the first 45 minutes of all Sunset Safaris during weekdays to the Kids at Home. This means that even if we do have a scheduled kids session, we will also be taking questions from any kids who are not able to attend school at this time. 

The email has been set up to receive kids’ questions, and the wonderful directors in Final Control will be taking questions from this address during Kids sessions in conjunction with any schools, hospitals, libraries or camps that have pre-booked sessions. 

Once the Kids session has closed, we will continue to take questions and comments from this address for the remainder of drive in addition to the regular options of Twitter, YouTube and Twitch.

Please note that questions sent in through must genuinely come from children under the age of 18. We would, of course, love to know the names and ages of the kids joining us on safari so please do send those through. Being able to share what country or state the kids are from would also be great, but this is up to your discretion as a parent or guardian.

For the institutions who have already booked and confirmed scheduled Kids session safaris with us, we will, of course, honour your booking and welcome you all to the safari as normal. Our WildEarth Kids safari calendar is also still open for bookings for the remainder of March, head to to find out more. From April 1st, we will switch entirely to the ‘Kids at Home’ sessions.

Now, more than ever is a time to come together and support each other as we sail through these dark and dangerous waters. WildEarth is committed to bringing you the magic of Africa through our live and interactive safaris. We are dedicated to keeping this initiative going for as long as possible and necessary until we can all return to our normal, daily lives. Feel free to jump on board with us as we explore the wonders of Africa and bring you all her iconic animals while we answer your questions and comments in real-time. We hope to see you all in the wild with us!