On Saturday 25th April at 6 pm Central African Time (straight after the Sunset Safari) Tristan will be streaming LIVE to @wildearthofficial

Many of you will know that Tristan is an incredible photographer. You can learn more about his work here. Over the years at WildEarth he has taken many amazing images both at Djuma and also in Mara. From Saturday, April 25th to Friday, May 1st, Tristan will stream daily from his home (whilst under lockdown) and share with you a number of his favourite images.

Tristan has chosen a number of themes such as The Leopards of Djuma, The Sausage Tree Pride, Djuma, The Mara, The Serengeti and many more. Tomorrow, he will start with photos of Hosana, our favourite little chief. Tristan will give you the backstory to each photo allowing you to get an inside look at many great moments over the past few years.

Please join him for his first one tomorrow, it promises to be fascinating. Start times below:

Photo credit: Adam Barrister