WE are super grateful to the “Quaranteam” at Djuma for working so hard over the past 7 weeks to keep our LIVE safaris going. Many of our team have worked every single day since March 26th and they have earned themselves a well-deserved rest. So, WE are carrying out a team swap so as to give everyone the rest they need and bring in a fresh new crew.

Tristan Dicks will be arriving in camp this week and will be taking you on safari for the next while as part of the fresh crew. He will be joined by David Hancock who some of you will remember from a few months ago. Steve Faulconbridge will also be joining us again at the end of the month.

James and Lauren and Trishala will all be back at various times in June to continue bringing you your daily glimpse into the African wild. We will share more detailed dates closer to the time.

WildEarth would like to thank you, our viewers, for your continued support throughout these tough times and WE hope that you will join us in welcoming the new crew.