As most of you will know, we have transitioned from referring to our daily safaris as safariLIVE to WildEarth safaris since our partnership with National Geographic ended in mid-2019. This, to avoid confusion with both our old and new audiences as, while it had become commonplace to refer to all our safaris on Facebook, YouTube, and elsewhere as safariLIVE, this was actually incorrect; safariLIVE was only ever meant to refer to those safaris that were part of our agreement with National Geographic.

The final step in this process is changing the actual name of our Facebook page. The branding, username and URL were already changed some time ago but before we can officially change the actual page name Facebook requires we announce this intent to the people who’ve liked or followed the page, which we herewith do.

Tomorrow, we will request Facebook to officially change the name of the page from safariLIVE to WildEarth so the name used for our daily LIVE safaris will be consistent across all our platforms again.