Something that is long overdue is the naming of all the new cubs born to the Djuma Clan over the last 6 months. WE feel it is time to move from referring to them as “Corky’s Cub” or “Heart’s Daughter” and that they deserve to have names of their own.

Just to remind you, we do our best to honour the tradition of naming animals in the language of the area, Xitsonga. We do this out of respect for this long-standing practice. Lauren joined forces with the Djuma guides for a brainstorming session, and together they have come up with some fantastic names.

Gingirika (Heart’s daughter) – pronounced gingi-rika
This means “always busy” which describes her perfectly.

Pfumela (Heart’s son) – pronounced pfu-mela
This means “subservient” as this young male is often dominated by his sister.

Braveheart (Corky’s Cub) – Although this name is not in the Xitsonga language, it is a name that all the guides have called her for a while. It suits her as she is super brave with a big heart.

The only one left to name is June’s Cub and WE feel that it is important for everyone who has bonded with this Clan to have a chance to vote on what they would like her to be called. Here is a picture of her.



We ‘think’ she may be the lowest-ranked of them all at the moment (not confirmed) as she is very sweet and slightly shy and so much smaller than the rest. She doesn’t like to sit alone; she always has to sit and cuddle the others. Although shy right now, you can tell she will be fierce like her mum with all the other cubs looking out for her. With this in mind, we have come up with three names for you to choose from:

  • Navela (pronounced na-vela) – This means “adore”.
  • Yimisela (pronounced yi-mi-sela) – This means “determined”.
  • Xihleko (pronounced shi hle-ko) – This means “giggles”.

WE will be collecting votes via a Twitter poll. Our account @wildearth has a poll that you can use to vote. (Please note that the poll incorrectly gives the meaning for Xihleko as ‘subservient’. ‘Giggles’ is the correct meaning.)

The poll will close at 4 pm CAT on Friday, February 12th and the winning name will be announced during the Sunset Safari on that day.

Good Luck!